Types of Integration

PayKun Checkout offers three different types of Integrations:

  1. Web-Hosted Checkout

  2. JS Checkout

  3. Seamless Checkout (PCI required)

1.Web-Hosted Checkout

It is the simplest and easiest way of checkout. When a customer clicks on the “Pay Now” button on the merchant’s website, they will be redirected to the PayKun Payment Gateway Checkout page. Here, customers would choose online payment modes and fill up other payment details to make the payment.

In this type of payment mode, clicking on “Pay Now” will display a Pop Up, where the customer needs to fill up all the personal and necessary information and it will be sent to payment gateway server.

3.Seamless Checkout (PCI required)

Seamless Checkout offers true branding, where merchants can create and customize their own Checkout pages and all payment details will be sent to their servers. Hence customer will be able to complete payment without leaving merchant website. (Customer may be redirected to banks authorization page)

For Seamless Checkout option, merchant must be compliant with PCI DSS.

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