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Integrating your PrestaShop site with PayKun allows you to accept payments on your PrestaShopsite via the PayKun Payment Gateway. Collecting online payments can be very easy with PayKun.

You can provide multiple payment options to your customer and a great checkout experience. Also, they will get all sorts of payment option that will make them buy on the spot


Following things will be required before you can begin integration:


PrestaShop 1.5+ to

Installation and Integration steps

  1. Go to the library and download the Source code zip file of the required version of the plugin from here.

  2. Log into the PrestaShop account.

  3. Navigate to the Modules tab and click on the Add a New Module.

  4. Click Browse to open the dialogue box letting you search your computer, select the zip file you downloaded and click OK.

  5. Click Upload this Module.

  6. Click Install to install the module.

  7. For configuring the module, Click Configure.

Important Point: If the store is open while the module has not been fully configured, it might be a good idea to deactivate it, by clicking on the green check. Once the module is configured, click on the red X to reactivate it.

For extra guide : If you face any errors, refer to the PrestaShop guide.

For any Assistance

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