General Payment Flow with API

1.Order Creation

After the customer selects the product or service and continues with the checkout page, when he fills up the details then there is one Order ID created also at that time the information is sent to PayKun API. Along with that, there is one PayKun Order ID created. There is no payment processing during this stage.

2.Authorization and Capture

During this stage, an inside process is carried out when the PayKun sends the authentication request to the issuing bank for the payment deduction from the customer’s account. After the authorization is received from there, the funds are deducted and are captured by PayKun (settlement process can only start after the funds are captured by PayKun). After the successful authorization, the merchant’s bank needs to capture the payment. The funds are transferred to the merchant’s bank account after the payment is captured (time period depending on the payout cycle).

Once the bank has authorized the customer’s payment, it will be auto captured and it verifies that purchase as complete by the merchant (you) and then no further action is needed from your side.

Sometimes, it may happen that the actual real-time status of the transaction is not shown due to network issues, technical errors at customer's/bank's end, etc. In a few hours, it may be reconciled and it shows the real status. This is known as the Late-Authorization.


Only once the payment has been captured by you, it can be refunded to the customer. It will be deposited back at the same place from where it was deducted.


This is shown when there are some issues in authorizing the payment or if the customer drops out of the transaction due to some reason, or there was a technical error.

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