API Encryption Key Guide

Whether generating Credentials for Test Environment or Live Environment, process is same for both, Live credentials will be generated from live dashboard while test credentials will be generated from test dashboard.

  • Log In to your PayKun Dashboard

  • ‘Go to’ the Merchant Account under the ‘Payment Gateway’ section

  • Copy your Merchant ID which you will get by clicking on your profile picture

  • To Generate API Keys, go to the Setting

  • Then go to the Security Option.

  • Click on Generate API Key (web or device as per your platform) and download your Access Token and Encryption Key(API Secret Key).

When using Test Credentials, You need to set: isLive=false in your integration kit.

If you have generated API Key before then you will see the date of the API Key generated, since you will not be able to retrieve the old API Key (For security reasons) we have provided the re-generate option, so you can re-generate API Key in case you have lost the old one.

Once you re-generate API Key your old API Key will stop working immediately. So be cautious while using this option.

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