PayKun Payment Links

Payment Link and Master Link feature of PayKun are used to accept online payments without a website or application. This section will provide you with a detailed information about these features.

Using Payments links is very easy. You can make a payment link and send it instantly from your merchant dashboard itself to the customer. It is a quick way of collecting payment, for which you do not even need a website or application.

Note: You need to have your account activated for creating payment links.

  • Log In to your PayKun Dashboard

  • ‘Go to’ the Merchant Account under the ‘Payment Gateway’ section

  • Click on the ‘Payment Links’ tab

Add details as per your requirements like the amount you want to collect and the Payment Purpose (reason/product for which you need to collect the payment)

Note: Select the currency that your customer wants to pay in (Only available if international payments are enabled, Default is INR)

  • If you select a single person, it will show the specific details like first name, last name, email address, mobile number and notification method (email and/or mobile)

  • You may set expiry date until when your payment link will be usable

To watch the video tutorial on creating the payment link click here

  • You just need to click on that and the link will be copied automatically

  • And paste (Ctrl+V or right-click on the mouse and select paste) the same in the normal way on the messenger or social media from wherever you would like to receive the payment

  • For the single-user, the notification will be received by them via email/mobile whichever option you have selected on the form while creating the link

  • For the multiple-user, create payment link will only need the setting for amount and purpose. Setting the expiry date is optional.

Under the payment links, you provide the payment amount and the purpose to the customer, which cannot be changed by them.

Master Payment Link option can be used if you would like to give your customers the option to enter the customised payment amount and purpose of payment.

It just needs to be copied from the PayKun Merchant Dashboard and to be pasted wherever possible to send to the customer like messenger, chat, social media, etc and request the online payment.

  • Log In to your PayKun Dashboard

  • ‘Go to’ the Merchant Account under the ‘Payment Gateway’ section

  • Click on the ‘Payment Links’ tab

So, you do not have to send the typical link to your customer, you can edit and customise the link.

  • As circled in the below image, click on the edit

  • Type the content that you would like to keep for example a product name or business name

  • So after typing the wanted link extension (as per the requirements mentioned) click on the ‘Save’ option.

  • The payment link just needs to be copied by clicking on ‘Copy’ as illustrated in the below image.

  • And pasted as usual either by Ctrl+V or right-click on the mouse and select paste.

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