Getting Started

Welcome to PayKun Reference Guide! This documentation will introduce you to PayKun and help you get started with it immediately to collect online payments for your business.

Introduction to PayKun

PayKun Payment Gateway facilitates the online payment transfer between you and the customer. It provides multiple online payment method options which include debit card, credit card, wallets, UPI, QR Code, etc. You can collect payments through integration on websites as well as the payment links by providing an easy checkout. PayKun charges the lowest TDR and there are no setup and maintenance fees or integration charges.

The reference guide will give you a detailed idea about the following:

  • The process to get registered with the PayKun Payment Gateway

  • Payment Lifecycle and the flow

  • Transaction Types

Register with PayKun

If you are not already registered with PayKun then you can get registered with these simple steps:

  • Fill up all the required details.

  • Click on Sign up

  • Verify Email and Mobile Number with the OTP received.

  • Once the email verification is successful, you can log in to your newly created PayKun Dashboard.

  • Click on ‘Become a Merchant’.

Now, you will just have to complete your KYC and wait for the approval. After that, you can start accepting online payments.

After the successful verification and activation of your account, you are ready to accept online payments and you will start receiving the settlements as per the predefined Settlement cycle.

Methods of Accepting PayKun Online Payments

After the activation of your merchant account, PayKun facilitates the acceptance of the payments by any of the following ways:

Payment Links are the easiest way to collect payments. Currently, we are providing two types of payment links.

Master link is the unique type of payment link feature available with your merchant account. You can share this link with any customer for accepting online payments with multiple payment modes. Your customer will decide how much he wants to pay and for what purpose.

You can find this link in your Payment Link page from the merchant dashboard.

Visit Master Payment Links Section for further information on how to create a Master Link from your merchant dashboard and how to use it.

The other option is Payment Links to accept online payments without a website or app. You can use the payment link creation tool available in the merchant dashboard to create a payment link. The difference between the master link and payment link is that you can fix the amount and purpose of this payment from your side. If this payment link is meant for only one customer then you can even fill the details of your customer for him so that your customer would just have to select their preferred payment mode and make the payment.

For further information on Payment Links and a guide on how to create it please visit the Payment Link Section.

In case of any further queries, please contact our Support Team at or reach our helpline number at 1800-212-8070.

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