Registration Guide

You need to sign up first to log in to your merchant dashboard and get access to all the functions, test mode, statistics, etc. Here is the Stepwise Pictorial Guidance for Registration and KYC Process:

  • Sign Up - Get Access to Merchant Dashboard and test mode

  • Submit details and documents - To get them verified and activate services on your account

  • Get free integration assistance (if required)

  • Start collecting online payments and get settlements

Follow the below easy steps to get registered with the PayKun Payment Gateway Merchant Account:

Step 1: Sign Up

  • Go to the PayKun website

  • Click on ‘Sign up’ on the top-right corner

  • Enter the required basic information

  • Read and Agree on Terms and Conditions

You will notice that the Sign-up button will be activated after following the above steps. Click on it to continue with the verification of your mobile number and email.

Step 2: Verify Mobile Number and Email

After you click on Sign Up Button, the next screen will look as below.

You will receive an OTP on your mobile number and email address that you entered while signing up.

After the verification of both the details is successfully completed, the next screen will look as below:

Different PayKun products are displayed on the PayKun Dashboard Screen.

To accept online payments, you need to create a Payment Gateway Merchant Account. Thus, click on ‘Become a Merchant’.

Step 3: Registration

The next screen will look as below from where the registration process begins:

  • Read the Terms and Conditions and ‘Check’ the box to agree to them

  • Click on Save & Next

Business Details Section

  • Enter all the Business Details as per your business (below image is just for illustration purpose).

Business Type: Select anyone from the given options as per your business type.

Business Category: It would depend on your business model. Select from the given options.

Business Sub-Category: Options would appear as per your selected business category.

Business Name: The business name should be the same as in the business document and the website/app (if any).

Business Label: This will appear on the invoice, email alerts, and the checkout page.

GST Number: (It is not compulsory to provide) It is a 15-digit alpha-numeric PAN-based unique code, allocated to every GST-registered person.

Channel Type: Select your mode to collect your business payments. You may select ‘None’ if you do not have a website or application.

Channel info: Enter the URL of the website or application as per your selected option.

Note: The website/app needs to have all the webpages:

  • About Us (Should have the business name as mentioned while registering)

  • Contact Us (Address, Number, and Email Address)

  • Refund and Returns Policy

  • Privacy Policy

  • Terms and Conditions

After the correct business details are entered, click on Save & Next.

Bank Details Section

  • Enter the details of the bank account in which you would like to receive the settlements from PayKun.

  • Save and Next

Documents Section

On the next page, you need to upload the basic required documents.


  • Business Document should be provided for the business name and business model for which you have registered the PayKun merchant account.

  • For Individuals, there are easy options to submit the business document.

  • PAN Card is compulsory to submit.

  • The details in the documents should be clearly visible. They should be in clear resolution. It is compulsory to upload a color scan copy wherever applicable

  • If you submit a GST Certificate in Business Proof, all 3 pages are mandatory.

  • Submit both sides of ID Proof, for eg. both sides of the Aadhar Card.

  • Only jpeg, jpg, png, doc, Docx, and pdf file format is supported, and file size should be smaller than 10MB

  • Bank Document should have all the bank details such as account number, account holder name, IFSC code, and bank name.

After the documents are uploaded, the registration process is complete.

You may go ‘Back’ to check previous details before you click on the Submit button.

  • Click on ‘Submit for Review’ after you are confident that all the details and documents are provided correctly.

Note :- For the swift approval process, make sure all the details/documents are correct and as per the requirements.

Step 4: Review

These details and documents submitted by you are further verified by our verification team.

As per the further stages, you will notice the below ‘notes’ when you log in to your merchant account.

When any details or documents are not as per requirements, it will be rejected so that you get the option to change them. You will find the below note at that time:

  • Click on ‘Go to Activation’.


  • Mostly after primary verification, you are contacted the first time on your registered mobile number and email address.

  • Therefore, along with the rejected note in your merchant account keep checking for the email in your registered mailbox. Also, you will get a call from the verification team on the registered mobile number.

Here is an example of the Rejected detail/document.

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